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Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Plan: Exploring Mobile Phone Options Minus the Contract #FamilyMobile #shop

by Notorious Spinks on 03.08.2014

cb shop disclosureI hate contracts! Seriously, I do. My current cell phone contract ends in May of this year and I am ecstatic. Every month when my bill is due, I find myself rolling my eyes…I do. I think the bill is just too dang much, even for unlimited talk, text and data/web. Lately, I have searched for the lowest priced unlimited plans in my area. I want more bang for my buck!

Walmart-Family-Mobile-service-review- #shop

While shopping around for cheaper mobile phone options, I kept in mind that I do not want to jeopardize my quality of service or national coverage. Additionally, I realized that I would have to buy a new mobile phone since my current phone is locked and cannot be used with other mobile carriers…a set up.

One option for my family is the Walmart Family Mobile Plan that offers unlimited talk, text and web for a low price. When I compare the cost of my current family mobile plan that includes five lines, I am ashamed to admit how much we pay. Seriously, no joke… I could probably pay the mortgage on a condo with that monthly bill.

walmart-mobile-plan- #shop

I have to admit that when I first went to Walmart to check out their mobile phone offerings, I was a bit afraid. I just did not know what to expect. Just my luck, my local Walmart store has an entire section devoted to wireless needs…they created a store inside the store. Impressed, I am.


The clerk on staff assisted in finding the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit phone (retails for $99). We already have four other Samsung mobile phones and tablets in the house, so Black (yes, I name my gadgets) was right at home. My new boo came equipped with a 5 MP camera, 3.8″ touchscreen and 4G ready.


I was able to get my mobile phone activated in the store, with no annual contract, no credit check and no deposit. Let me rewind and say that again…in slow motion…I was able to get my mobile phone activated in the store, with no annual contract, no credit check and no deposit. My mobile phone is also includes nationwide network coverage, voice and text roaming and live customer support, seven days a week. Peep this, no overage charges, EVER! This is the lowest priced unlimited plan I’ve found thus far.


Like I said, my Walmart store had a store inside the store for all of our mobile needs, so I was able to get my accessories, too.  As an entrepreneur and freelancer, I must have a car charger and Bluetooth . I was also able to get a portable power supply (a wishlist item for me) that provides me with up to 10 extra hours of talk and 16 extra hours of wi-fi.  Thanks to Walmart, I’m ready to conquer the world and be great.



It’s tax time for many people and a great time to head to over and check out Walmart Family Mobile services. You’ll have to pay for the phone and activation up-front, but with services per month under $40 per line, it is worth the investment. You can get more for less and not sacrifice your ability to chat with your family, friends and/or colleagues.

Feel free to join the conversation online with the hashtags #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias and see what all the buzz is about. If you want to see if Walmart Family Mobile service is available in your area, check out the website.

How does Walmart Family Mobile services compare to your current mobile plan? What would you do with the money saved each month with this service?


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