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What is the History Behind Your Last Name? #spon #surnameproject

by Notorious Spinks on 08.21.2014

Dislosure for appPeople often ask if my “real” name is Spinks and I usually laugh. Of course, my surname is Spinks and besides, could I make that awesomeness up? But seriously, I love my last name. It was my daddy’s name and my granddaddy’s name and my great-granddaddy’s name. It is my name.

You all probably noticed that I’ve been missing in action lately. I know you missed me…

Last month I buried my dad. I didn’t really share it, but it was the third most difficult thing I’ve encountered in my life. The first was burying my big brother, the second was burying my mom three years ago and now this. Although my father and I didn’t have a great relationship, he was mine and I was his…and I have the last name to prove it. Spinks is my name and I plan to keep to keep it when and if I’m ever married. I’ll just hyphenate it.

Why am I so adamant about keeping my surname?

The history of African-Americans in this country is troubling. After doing research on Ancestry.com, I found that my great-great-great grandfather was mulatto and he took on the name of his slave master. I’m not sure if it was by force or by choice… I even question if the master was his father. But, what I do know is that I come from a strong lineage of people and through slavery, oppression, and Jim Crow, they made it.  So…yep, I’m keeping my name.

What about you? What significance does your surname hold to you? Do you know your last name origin? Ever done a family tree? Please share and to find out more about your family and the origins of you last name, head over to Ancestry.com for your free trial and the get the answers you seek!

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