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FTC/ Disclosure

According to the gods at the FTC, bloggers must disclose any partnerships with PR reps or companies when reviewing or spotlighting products.  Please know that although this practice is no different from what happens at Marie Claire, Elle, Ebony or O Magazine, bloggers must disclose the relationship.  LOL!  No problemo though I’m more than happy.

If you would like your product spotlighted or reviewed by Notorious Spinks please know that I only promote products that I try or brands that I trust.  All of my reviews are honest, detailed and informative.   I will always provide details of my findings or why I feel a certain way.

On this blog you will also come across ads and affiliate links.  I work hard to ensure that none of the links on my site are fraudulent or harmful to your computer.   Since I am a full-time blogger any profit made from this blog helps keep it going.

Happy Reading!

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