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11 Tips to Help You Transition to a Low Carb Diet #LCHF


Weighing in at 363 pounds, I was the fattest I had EVER been. Honestly, I was a burger and fries away from tipping 400 pounds. Damn, that sentence just winded me. After my PCOS and Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, I felt drained. I have always been a fat girl but I had never suffered with high […]

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Flowers for the Living


This morning was a real shocker for me.  The last I checked, 12 people were reported dead as a result of the mass shooting in the Colorado movie theater.  71 were reported as injured.  Tragic…  As I transitioned into my daily routine of breathing, praying, breathing, meditating, breathing and praying, I thanked God for my […]

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Taking my time back: one block at a time


For the last year I’ve just been existing.  I went from the networking queen who was always at an event to the girl locked up in the house.  When I finally decided to show my face to the outside world,  I got a job that took up 90 percent of my time.  Honestly I was […]

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My first Mother’s Day


without my mom…was different. It was Mother’s Day last year when my mom was admitted into the hospital.   I never thought in a million years that she wouldn’t come back home. This mother’s day I spent my day in bed…all day.  Finally about 5:30ish something more powerful than me forced me out of bed.  I […]

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#Quote: Lifeclass


Have you outgrown your space?  What’s next?

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