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Fall in Love with You: Simple Tips on How to Celebrate Your Body


It’s easier to believe the bad things than the good things. When we overhear someone say something negative about our hair, face or our clothes we often believe it and it makes us feel angry, upset or less confident. However, when we’re paid a complement we don’t believe it! We blush, sometimes we verbally disagree […]

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Why Hide It Away: Tips for Wearing a Leather Jacket in the Wintertime


You love the tough girl look of leather, and during the spring and fall you took every opportunity to wear leather clothing and accessories. During the summer, of course, leather is much too hot to wear, so you reluctantly relegate your leather wardrobe to your closet during the warmer months. But what about during the […]

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Wordless Wednesday: School Girl Chronicles


My Goo after a long day at school.  She is rocking that Afro puff though! Halloween is coming up, head over to get your photo greeting card to share those special moments with friends and family. Enjoy your day!

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Fashion Talk: Cocktail Dresses to Compliment a Full Sized Body


Fall is quickly approaching and I’m looking forward to it. One of the things that I look forward to is crisp air and the golden hues of the atmosphere. The golds, browns and reds of the leaves just make my heart melt. But the leaves are not all, I also look forward to the parties. […]

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Health Talk: Finding the Motivation to be Healthy


On last week, I shared a picture of my workout progress.  I took the first step in a long while toward building a healthier me.  In the past, I would start on the health journey but would stop for numerous reasons. Most of the time it was due to life events that would lead me […]

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